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t30apps Maths Game - Elementary Arithmetic

Maths Game - Elementary Arithmetic was developed as an interactive tool to help you improve your maths skills, specifically elementary level arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The app is designed in the form of the simple game, with a scoring and level progression system. The objective of the game is to provide the correct answer to a maths problem that appears on the game screen. If you answer correctly you get a certain score. The difficulty of the game increase as you progress through the levels. Game mechanisms and the scoring structure is detailed in the help section.

Requirements: Internet browser with CSS3 support. Including: Internet Explorer 9+, Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.5+(partial support) 22+ (full support), Safari 4+, Opera 15+, iOS Safari 4.1+, Android Browser 2.3+, Chrome for Android 51+, IE Mobile 10+, UC Browser for Android 9.9+, Samsung Internet 4+. Older browsers only have partial functionality.

Android app Installs: Android 4.1+

Maths Game - Elementary Arithmetic is provided free for personal use.

Version: 1.0

Copyright (c) Altec Services All rights reserved.

  • How to Play

    The objective of the game is to provide the correct answer to a maths problems that appears on the game screen. Use the on screen keyboard to type your answer into the text box. Then click the Ok button to see if you answered correctly. If you are correct a tick (tick) appears. A cross (cross) if answered incorrectly. You are given a score for a correct answer. The score is presented as partially filled or complete stars (see the Scoring section below). You can go to the following level by clicking the Next button. Here another problem appears and you need to repeat the process. Maths problems become more difficult as you progress through the levels. In the Standard Mode there are 40 levels to complete the game. Quick and Long game modes have 20 and 80 levels respectively. Game's default settings each problem is randomly generated with one of four (+ - × ÷) arithmetic operations. If you prefer you can limit the possible operations to only addition and subtraction.

  • Scoring

    In the Maths Game - Elementary Arithmetic app scores are presented as partially filled or complete stars. Scores are given for each correct answer. The weight of the score is based on the difficultly of the problem. At initial levels you are given a partially filled star for each correct answer, whereas, in the final levels you score a complete star for each correct answer. Cumulative tally of your star score is shown in the section above the game screen. The table below shows the weight of each scoring unit in the game.

    • 5 X * = *
    • 5 X * = *
  • Game Complete Stats

    The game is complete once you've attempted to answer the allotted number problems for the given game mode. Specifically, 20, 40 and 80 words for Quick, Standard and Long game mode respectively. Upon completion you'd be provided with several piece of information on your performance in the game. In the initial screen, along with your final score you will be given a mark for your performance. 'Perfect' performance means every problem was answered correctly. In the subsequent window detailed statistic will be displayed. Problems are rated and categorised according to difficulty. Number of correct and incorrect answers for each category is presented here.

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