Sinhala Transliterate Converter

Sinhala Transliterate Converter

Sinhala Transliterate Converter is a single file browser-based application that converts content typed in English to their phonetically equivalent letter/s in Sinhala. The conversion can be done in real time as the content is being typed or can be pasted from the clipboard to the allotted textarea. The resultant content can be cut and pasted to (as well as pasted from) MS applications (Windows, Word, Notepad, WordPad etc.) , internet applications ( e.g. email, textboxes in html documents etc.) and other applicable programs. The offline version can be obtained from our download page. To use our latest version Click here (or the screenshot of the Sinhala Transliterate Converter).

System Requirements

  • Given that the application runs via an internet browser, a functioning browser program is essential (internet connection is not required). The functionality and the appearance of the program will vary with the browser and version. Internet Explorer 8+ and comparable browsers should enable the application to function as intended. Earlier versions may produce none or partial functionality.
  • System requirements in terms of the speed, memory etc. for the application itself is insignificant compared to the requirement of the browser program and Sinhala language support.
  • The layout of the keyboard was arranged with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768. Display settings of a lower resolution is likely to produce irregular results. In such cases consider an adjustment of the browser window zoom feature and workspace setup in the Sinhala Transliterate Converter.

Sinhala Language Support

In order to view the Sinhala script on the on-screen keyboard and textarea, the computer must have Sinhala language support. MS Windows Vista and subsequent releases of Windows have Sinhala language support. However, Xp and older version of windows require Sinhala language support (Sinhala Unicode) to be installed from an external source. Sinhala Unicode support kits are available to download from sources such as: