Sinhala HTML Editor FAQ

Why doesn't the Sinhala Keyboard function in my home PC (it meets all system requirements) ?

If your operating offline and the browser your using if internet explorer (IE), you need to allow JavaScript to run (other browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc. run the script automatically without prompting). When a page containing JavaScript opens in IE9 a popup box appears at bottom of the window with some content and "allow block content" button. Click the button to allow script to run. In IE8 a bar (yellow) pops up at top of the window with some content. Right click the bar and select "allow blocked content". If your PC doesn't have Sinhala language support the application should function, but you won't be able to view the script characters. The unsupported characters would appear as generic rectangular blocks. Sinhala language support is provided in MS Windows Vista and later versions of Windows. If your operating system is Xp or prior you are required to install Sinhala language support from an external source (such as: If the answer to your issue isn't provided in our site, contact us and we will attempt to find a solution.

On certain occasions clicking a script key produces a character in the end of the text content instead of the cursor position. What can be done about it ?

The issue is as a result of the application not registering the cursor position when it is selected via a mouse click. Certain browsers (in particular IE8) do not actually deselect the previous selection (i.e. range of text in the textarea) after clicking the mouse button at a new location (even if cursor icon appears in the selected position). Subsequently when an on-screen keyboard key is clicked, the character is generated in another position (in the case of the IE8 at the end of the textual content). To rectify the problem, click the mouse button in the desired location, then click the mouse button once more to ensure that cursor position is registered by the application. The issue seems to occur with certain browsers and in specific conditions. An indication of the issue surfacing is when the mouse hovers over the desired cursor position the cursor icon is an arrow instead of I-beam (typically associated with textual content). On such occasions the mouse button should be clicked twice to deselect the previous selection and register the new cursor position. Tests have revealed that the issue is absent in Firefox and only occurs when placing cursor at specific position (not selections).

When I attempt to insert a link a file the code appears at the start of textarea instead of the selected range ?

It can occur when utilising certain features in the application (e.g. link file), due to the selection range being altered whilst input fields (in feature's form) are entered. In circumstance where the issue is likely to arise, it is recommended that you make selection once all input fields are entered. Then click the OK button in the respective form to insert the content to the textarea.

Why does cursor sometimes jump from the location where it was placed?

It was designed to provide a visual indication to the user that cursor requires to be repositioned. It is triggered when the cursor position is not instantly registered by the application (reasons as detailed in a previous question). In such circumstances reposition the cursor and the new location will be registered by the application.

I don’t understand some of the terms you use within the site ?

We endeavour to provide you with sufficient information for you to understand the content in our website. If you do require additional information you can contact us and we will attempt to elaborate on the information provided.