Multilanguage Keyboard FAQ

Why doesn't the Multilanguage Keyboard function in my home PC (it meets all system requirements) ?

If your operating offline and the browser your using is internet explorer (IE), you need to allow JavaScript to run (other browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc. run the script automatically without prompting). When a page containing JavaScript opens in IE9 a popup box appears at bottom of window with some content and "allow block content" button. Click the button to allow the script to run. In IE8 a bar (yellow) pops up at top of the window with some content. Right click the bar and select "allow blocked content". If your PC doesn't have the appropriate language support, the application should function, but you won't be able to view the script characters. The unsupported characters would appear as generic rectangular blocks. We have tabulated the language support provided by various versions of MS Windows OS (see details). If the answer to your issue isn't provided in our site, contact us and we will attempt to find a solution.

How were the script keys in the Multilanguage keyboard arranged ?

In general, the script key arrangement of was based of the order they were presented in Unicode character lists. Thus it is unlikely that they closely resemble the standard keyboard layout of a particular script. Our knowledge of the scripts are minimal, hence in most cases we are yet to rearrange our keyboards to reflect the standard layouts. In the future versions of the Multilanguage keyboard it is likely that script key arrangement of a particular language will be improved.

Why does some the keys (buttons) on the keyboard look like rectangular blocks ?

If your PC doesn't have the language support to view a particular script letter, it is presented as a generic rectangular block. We have tabulated the language support provided by various versions of MS Windows OS(see details). It must be noted that in certain languages, a selection of characters have the language support facilities provided by a particular version of Windows whilst others do not.

Several characters from the writing scripts does not appear in the keyboard. What is the reason for that ?

Unicode character charts do not contain all the characters in the every writing script. For instance ්‍ර and ්‍ය in the Sinhala script is absent in the Unicode charts. They were integrated into our keyboards using an alternative mechanism. Similarly, in the future versions of the Multilanguage keyboard we will attempt include additional characters that are not present in the Unicode charts.

The latest versions contain many of the major language scripts with the exception of Chinese ? Why ?

At the concept development stage we aimed to include Chinese in version 2.1. However, during actual code writing we discovered that incorporating thousands of characters to a single keyboard required an alternative approach to other language scripts. As it is we do not have resources nor the knowledge to take up the task. Thus unfortunately we were compelled to exclude Chinese (also Kanji in Japanese) from version 2.1. Nonetheless, it is not improbable that we will include a Chinese language keyboard in future versions of the Multilanguage keyboard.

I don’t understand some of the terms used within the site. E.g. em, px ?

We do make an attempt provide you with sufficient information for you to understand the content in our website. If you do require further clarification do not hesitate to contact us.