Sinhala HTML Editor

Sinhala HTML keyboard

Sinhala HTML Editor enables you to produce web pages (i.e. HTML documents), in particular those that contain Sinhala script content. It's has features that allows you to format textual content, namely alter font size, font colour, typeface, highlight text, etc.. Positioning elements, inserting images, creation of link to files and websites are also featured in the Sinhala HTML Editor. Rendered content can be viewed with a click of a button, a feature which is useful in monitoring the development of a webpage. Pre-designed header content (and page settings) enables you to transfer the content to a window which then can be saved as a new web page via your web browser.

Multilanguage Keyboard

Multilanguage keyboard

Multilanguage Keyboard can assist you to type in 30+ language scripts:

Amharic Gujarati Latin (extended) Sinhala
Arabic Gurmukhi Myanmar Tamil
Armenian Hebrew Malayalam Telugu
Bangla Japanese Pashto Thai
Devanagari (Hindi, Nepali, etc.) Korean Persian Thaana (Maldives)
Dzongkha (Buthan) Kannada Russian Tibetan
Georgian Khmer Serbian Urdu
Greek Lao Sindhi  

Clicking a character on the on-screen keyboard produces the script character in an allotted textarea. The content can then be copied and pasted to MS applications (Windows, Word, Notepad, WordPad etc.) and the internet (e.g. email, textboxes in webpages, etc.).

Sinhala Transliterate Converter

Sinhala Transliterate Converter

Sinhala Transliterate Converter converts content typed in English to their phonetically equivalent letter/s in Sinhala. The conversion can be done in real time as the content is being typed or can be pasted from the clipboard to the allotted textarea. The resultant content can then be copied to your clipboard and pasted to numerous programs, including MS applications (Windows, Word, notepad, WordPad etc.) and internet applications (e.g. email, textboxes in html documents, etc.).

Sinhala Keyboard

Sinhala keyboard

Sinhala Keyboard is an on-screen keyboard that enables you to type in Sinhala to a user defined textarea. Typed content can be copied to many applications that allow you paste content from the clipboard. It includes MS applications (Windows, Word, Notepad, WordPad etc.), internet associated ( e.g. email, textboxes in webpages etc.) and others.